CIJ Summer School 2013


In July 2013, Duncan spoke at the Centre for Investigative Journalism's Summer School.  In addition to discussing his work on the ICIJ's Offshore Leaks project, he addressed the issue of the Snowden Leaks. Duncan is also an advisor to the Centre.


The "Spying: the Eye On Everyone" panel, which included investigative journalist Seymour Hersh and Geoffrey Robertson QC (who defended Duncan during the ABC Trial) analysed "some of the most important events in the history of journalism and the extraordinary issues they’ve raised for democracy, for a free press and for the very nature of privacy itself."


In the second talk, "The Scope and Significance of NSA-GCHQ Surveillance", Duncan puts the "new revelations in a technical and historical content" by explaining "what 'metadata' means, showing examples of it, and explaining how agencies automatically network and exploit the information mountains now exposed."


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Spying: the Eye On Everyone

"The US and UK governments have admitted spying on a scale not seen since Stalin and Hitler - every minute, millions of everyone's emails, letters, films, phone calls, pictures, data, texts - digital information of every kind - is being sucked into the vast files of unaccountable secret organisations - the dangers are immense for whistleblowers, for journalists and not least for the public itself.

How will journalists and whistleblowers handle issues of national security? With ever increasing numbers of whistleblowers will they be subject to criminal liability? Can they be silenced before they speak?"



The Scope and Significance of NSA-GCHQ Surveillance

Duncan explains what "metadata" means, show examples of it, and explain how agencies automatically network and exploit the information mountains now exposed.