Data Harvest 2013


The Data Harvest Conference, organised by, and Wobbing Europe, is one of the most relevant networking events for data journalists and investigative journalists in Europe. Find all available information on the Data Harvest Conferences below and in the menu on the left.

The Data Harvest Conference was first organised in 2011, when some 30 journalists gathered in Brussels to exchange best practices and story ideas. In 2012, the number of participants more than doubled to about 95, a number that increased even further to 150 for the 2013 edition. Underneath is a table with the number of participants and their nationalities for the 2012 and 2013 edition.


Duncan spoke about the ICIJ 's Offshore Leaks investigation alongside the Guardian's David Leigh and ICIJ journalist Mar Cabra.  

Listen to his talk below, and find out more about Data Harvest here

Data Harvest: What you missed

By Arthur Debruyne | Wednesday, May 8, 2013

dataSome 150 investigative and data journalists and programmers from all across Europe took part in a great harvest of ideas and digital research methods.

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