LIBE report on US NSA Surveillance

LIBE's 2014 2014 draft report on the US NSA surveillance programme, surveillance bodied in various Member States and their impact on EU citizens' fundamental rights. 

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Interception Capabilities 2000

'IC 2000' is Duncan's original report to the European Parliament. Considered to be the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of ECHELON's function in global intelligence operations.

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For nearly 40 years, Duncan has forged a career out of exposing unlawful and immoral government surveillance operations.  Back in 1976, he co-authored a report for Time Out magazine called The Eavesdroppers, which revealed the existence of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), the UK's largest and most secretive intelligence agency.

Exposing GCHQ would lead directly to his arrest in the ABC Case the following year, where he was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. As a result of the exposure brought by the case, he began working for the New Statesman.  Over the next 15 years he produced investigative scoops revealing British government's warrantless phone-tapping and Echelon - a top secret global surveillance programme.

He has spoken extensively at conferences around the world, and given evidence at the European Parliament and Council of Europe on surveillance and privacy issues. 

Most recently he has produced front page reports based on the Snowden files for Britain's Independent newspaper.

Below you will find links to his journalism, reports, interviews and related commentary and videos.

After Edward Snowden

Embassy spying

In June 2013, the Guardian and Washington Post began a series of reports based on confidential intelligence documents supplied by ex-NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.  This sparked a renewed interest in surveillance reporting and its history. Read more

Secret espionage activity against Germany by the US triggered diplomatic crises when it was revealed that the US and Britain installed covert listening posts on the rooftops of their embassies.  Read more


Phone tapping



In 1980, Duncan began a series of scoops on the extent of British phone tapping.

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Duncan first revealed GCHQ's existence in the 1976 article, The Eavesdroppers.

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'Zircon' was Britain's secret spy satellite project, estimated to cost the public purse around £500m.

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Communication Data Bill

The Echelon global communications surveillance system was a closely protected government secret... until Duncan Campbell revealed its existence.

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Automated number plate recognition

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Duncan gave evidence to the Joints Select Committee in the House of Commons in October, 2012, in critique of the Draft Data Communications Bill.

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Spy Station


Duncan takes part in CNN's 'Q&A with Riz Khan.' (2000)