Phone tapping

Following the events of the ABC Case, Duncan was employed as a staff writer by the New Statesman . With his notoriety built on the revelations about GCHQ's global surveillance operations, Duncan began to cement his reputation with a series of trailblazing report about the UK government's domestic spying - which would eventually be published as 'Phonetappers and the security state.'


'Big Buzby is watching' was the first in a series that set out to expose the extent of the UK government's phone tapping operations - kept secret even from Parliament at the time. It would inspire BBC Panorama to begin their own ill-fated investigation into the accountability of the intelligence services, and light the touch paper that would finally see laws enacted to officiate the existence of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.


Big Buzby is watching

Evidence assembled from several sources suggests that a highly-secretive Post Office installation in Chelsea is the government's phone-tapping centre - and that the scope of its operations is much larger than Parliament has ever been told.

1 February, 1980

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Big Brother's many mansions

The sole accountability of MI5, MI6 and other services to Parliament is through the annual Secret Vote, recently raised to £40m. But this can only be a small part of actual resources allocated. Other funds are 'Iaundered' away from budgets.

8 February, 1980

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Destabilising the 'decent people'

It is now accepted that phone-tapping levels in this country are far higher than Parliament has been allowed to know. Further explosive disclosures in the NS have been greeted with tacit, sullen acknowledgement.

15 February, 1980

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Tapping: Facts behind the official line

Last week, the Home Office published its own account of tapping and mail opening. Duncan Campbell dissects the new White Paper.

11 April, 1980

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British Teletap, Inc.

More than a million pounds a year pounds a year is spent on paying phone tappers by the British government, according to government and Post Office documents obtained this week by the New Statesman.

3 April, 1981

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Facts and figures of phone tapping

The British High Court is set to rule on whether phone tapping by the Police and British government has any legal authority.

9 February, 1979

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