Duncan is often invited to attend conferences around the world. His reputation and experience as a successful and effective investigative reporter means his opinion on contemporary global media issues is held in high esteem.

CIJ Summer School


Duncan spoke along with David Leigh and Craig Shaw about his work on "Offshore Leaks" and the impact of the NSA leaks at this year's CIJ Summer School, on 12-14 July 2013 at City University London.

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CHATHAM HOUSE - Surveillance in an Information Society: Who Watches the Watchers?


Duncan and human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC faced off against surveillance state advocate and former GCHQ boss David Omand in Chatham House debate on Wednesday 17 June.

The debate focused on the latest NSA leaks by Whistleblower Edward Snowden

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World Conference of Science Journalists 2013


Duncan gave a presentation at the 8th World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki, Finland on 27th June.  He spoke about "Big Brother, Big Data and NSA Surveillance."

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Digital Surveillance: how to avoid another Snoopers' Charter

Duncan wrote the first chapter for the new report analysing the UK Draft Communications Data Bill. The publication was launched at an event in London on 28 May 2012. Read More  

Request Initiative: The Future of Transparency


Duncan Campbell spoke at the Future of Transparency event at City University in London on 22 May to discuss "information law and the role of investigative journalism in today's world." Read more


Data Harvest 2013 held its annual Data Harvest Conference in Brussels on 3/4 May. ICIJ member, including Duncan, spoke about their work on "Offshore Leaks".

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Hack/Hackers London and Brighton

'Taking on the unseen snoopers'

Duncan gave a talk at the Hacks/Hackers meet-up in London on 4th July and again in Brighton on the 10th.

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Rebellious Media Conference 2011

The recent London conference showcased the best and brightest in alternative news media. Duncan was among the many distinguished speakers that included Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert and John Pilger.  
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Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Kyiv

In October, Duncan was invited to speak at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kyiv. The event attracted some of the biggest names in investigative reporting from around the world.  
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Researching State Structures Conference (RSSC), London November 7+8 1981


Research State Structures Conference was a closed gathering held in London in 1981 of researchers, journalists and academics to hear and exchange research on secret Cold War preparations, intelligence activities, and state surveillance, and which had come to light during and after the 1978 ABC case. The meeting was part of the events leading to the founding of Statewatch. The document we are publishing here is the Agenda.

Many of the attendees are now professors - of International Security, Peace Research, Life Sciences, Informatics, Computation Theory, and more.   Others have spend their lives in journalism. Members of then Metropolitan Police Special Branch attended outside the University of London venue, and attempted to photograph attendees.

The original conference papers have been provided to the University of Edinburgh, Research Collections Centre as part of a "Duncan Campbell archive" (not yet open).

The conference papers were also published as "War and Order", edited by Celina Bledowska.