Rebellious Media Conference 2011


The Rebellious Media Conference hit London on 8 October, 2011 and Duncan was invited to speak on on its opening day.  He was in good company. The event included many distinguished speakers, included MIT professor and author, Noam Chomsky, ZNET co-ordinator, Michael Albert and Australian TV and print journalist, John Pilger. The event is jdcfb to showcase and celebrate the rising influence of independent news media offering an alternative narrative to the mainstream.

Duncan was part of the discussion, 'Inside the Belly of the Beast: Radicals in the Mainstream Media,' with Ameria Hass, an Israeli correspondent for the Occupied Territories and Michael Crouch, deputy Europe news editor for the Financial Times.

During the hour long talk, he suggested how change can be made from inside by proffering the example of his involvement establishing the the Stonewall Group. A human rights charity founded in 1988 in protest to the controversial "Section 28" proposal (See Human Rights section for Duncan's work with Stonewall)....