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Got the right person? This website belongs to the Duncan Campbell that revealed the existance of GCHQ and was one of the founders of UK gay rights pressure-group / charity Stonewall.

Other people with the name Duncan Campbell include a singer in the band UB40, the 2014 UK Turner prize winner, a deceased firebreathing Scottish preacher, and the former crime correspondent, News Editor, and Los Angeles correspondent of the Guardian. You may be looking for the latter, especially if your interest is serious/organised crime - please check his Guardian contributor page. If you wish to reach that other Duncan, then you have not found the right web page.

(This Duncan is NOT married to a famous actress, either. Sorry - you want the Serious Crime guy for that.)


Duncan's PGP Key (updated 2020): download in ASC, download in TXT. Also available from the usual Keyservers.


Those wishing to get in contact via Jabber-OTR secured chat, pease send an email to


An "official" photograph of Duncan is available.

Duncan's website is supervised and tech-supported by Matthew Fowler. 

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If you have a tip-off, story idea or documentation you wish to send to Duncan, please see our Want to whistleblow? page.