Duncan has written several books on the subject of intelligence, privacy and and secret military policy. He has also contributed a number of essays and articles to publications.

Two of these books, War Plan UK and The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier, are now available in print again as of December 2015.


Digital Surveillance: how to avoid another Snoopers' Charter

Duncan wrote the first chapter for the new report analysing the UK Draft Communications Data Bill. The publication was launched at an event in London on 28 May 2012. Read More












By Duncan Campbell

On the Record: Surveillance, computers & Privacy

By Duncan Campbell & Steve Connor

Year: 1986

Pub: Michael Joseph

War Plan UK

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1983

Pub: Paladin (revised ed.)





Big Brother is Listening: phonetappers & the security state

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1981

Pub: New Statesman

NS Report 2

Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: American military power in Britain

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1984

Pub: Michael Joseph


Secret Service (Issues Series)

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1988

Pub: Franklin Watts

Surveillance Electronique Planétaire

By Duncan Campbell


Pub: Editions Allia



Il mondo sotto sorveglianza: Echelon e lo spionaggio elettronico globale

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 2003

Pub: Eleuthera


O Mundo Sob Escuta

By Duncan Campbell

Year: 2001

Pub: Frenesi








































Joint Publications


Making a Killing: The business of war

By Duncan Campbell et al / ICIJ

Year: 2003

Pub: Center for Public Integrity

An award-winning investigation by the ICIJ

CTRL [Space]:

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Year: 2002

Pub: MIT Press

The rhetoric of surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother


Median, Terror, Krieg

Year: 1996

Ordnance survey National Atlas of Great Britain

Year: 1986

Pub: Ordnance Survey


Living in the future

By Duncan Campbell, et all

Year: 1984

Pub: New English Library

Zeit-Dossier 2

Year: 1982

Pub: Heyne



Britain & the Bomb: Papers on defense and disarmament

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Year: 1981

Pub: New Statesman

NS report 3

Policing the Police, Vol. 2

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Year: 1980

Pub: John Calder



How to survive the nuclear Age

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Year: 1980

Pub: Ecology Party

Official Secrecy and British Libertarianism

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Pub: The Socialist Register by Merlin Press

Year: 1979



How it Works (on astronomy)

Year: 1977


The British Telephone System

Year: 1976

Pub: Open University


Radical Technology

By Duncan Campbell, et al

Year: 1975

Pub: Wildwood House

War and Words: the Northern Ireland media reader

Year 1996

Pub: Beyond the Pale



Interception Capabilities 2000


EPIC Report