Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: American Military Power in Britain

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By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1984 Pub: Michael Joseph


What goes on inside American military bases in Britain? Are US forces stationed here solely to protect Britain and Europe? Does the British government, in the last resort, have any legal or strategic control over the bases or their personnel? The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier reveals how, since the 1940s and 1950s, Britain has become a safe haven for many US bases and facilities. Alongside the well-known cruise missile silos and nuclear bomber bases is a network of intelligence installations, command centres, communications stations - even hospitals, for use only in war.

"Duncan Campbell... is the authority on the subject.. of the the growth of American nuclear and other bases in this country." - Lord Jenkins, House of Lords, May 1983

"A brilliant analysis" - Professor Robert Nield

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