Britain & the Bomb: Papers on Defense and Disarmament

By Duncan Campbell, et al.

Year: 1981 | Pub: New Statesman


In November 1979, we were told by the national press that 'Britain had decided' to play host to a new generation of nuclear weapons - the cruise missile.

In fact, the White House and the Pentagon, along with Britain's own military commanders and 'defense experts' had taken there decision for us; and they were busy convincing us that it was what we wanted all along. 

This book brigs together a unique collection of writings which have inspired and informed the new movement against nuclear arms. It included Duncan Campbell's astonishing revelations about our leaders' plans to wage and survive a nuclear war - at our own (terminal) cost. We learn:

  • Where all the secret government bunkers are hidden
  • How many US bases there are on British soil, and where they are sited
  • What our military leaders think will happen if World War III begins
  • How they plan to control 'subversives' when civil government has been destroyed.

With contributions from William Rogers, Robin Cook, Mary Kaldor, Field Marshall Lord Carver and others.

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