War Plan UK

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By Duncan Campbell

Year: 1983 Pub: Paladin (revised ed.)


Secret civil defence plans stress sealing off roads against refugees, interning protestors and pacifists, and impounding food and fuel supplies.

There will be no rescue and no medical aid for the trapped and dying in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Millions will die in nuclear target areas as a direct result of government civil defence policies.

Protection for the 'privileged few' -full details of hundreds of bunkers.

'If all the great trees and much of the brushwood are felled, a forest may not regenerate for centuries. If a sufficient number of the great trees is left, however, if felling is to some extent selective and controlled, recovery is swift. In its way, a nation is like a forest and the aim of war planning is to secure the survival of the great trees' - THE NORTH EAST THAMES REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY WAR PLAN

War Plan UK is the result of more than five years research into the real face of British civil defence. Duncan Campbell reveals the incredible history of how one government after another has planned to protect itself and survive.

See maps of tunnels here

"An unprecedented break in the secrecy surrounding civil defence planning... quotes confidential government documents" - Andrew Wilson THE OBSERVER

"Astonishingly thorough... chilling documentation from official sources.” – Martin Walker, Literary Review



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