World Conference of Science Journalists 2013

Duncan was invited to give a talk at this year's World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki, Finland.

"WCSJ2013 provides excellent opportunities for science journalists and communication professionals to meet and to engage in international dialogue with researchers, decision makers, and citizens. Science journalists will be able to exchange ideas and discuss their roles in the new and rapidly-changing media landscape."

Late breaker session: Big Data, Big Brother

Time: 11:00-11:40
Venue: Auditorium XII (University main building)

NSA’s secret surveillance program has collected massive amount of data from different sources. What is collected data and metadata? Why should anyone be worried? What can be done with the data? What will happen next?



GCHQ taps ALL transatlantic network traffic, says investigative journalist Duncan Campbell.

Graeme Burton from reports on the conference.