Special Collection Service slides

The Special Collection Service (SCS) "Global Presence" map released by Der Spiegel as part of the Snowden revelations details 96 covert surveillance sites around the world (see legend in top left corner).  This information was available to USA and FVEY - the other "Five Eyes" countries: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.  It is unclear whether this map is a complete list of operational SCS locations. It does not include Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.


A slide showing SCS Sigint capabilities and uses. The "Geographical Advantage" section mentions operating in an "adversary's space... Where our customers want us and our adversaries do not. Capitalizing on the 'element of surprise'".



Classification guide for STATEROOM, the cover name for SCS secret embassy bugging operations, uses electronic surveillance equipment hidden in "diplomatic facilities", hosted by "Five Eyes" sites, including GCHQ.  Eavesdropping equipment is "concealed" inside "false architectural features" and  "roof maintenance sheds". See images of some US sites here


SCS Headquarters. Collage Park, Maryland.

A "mock site" is in operation at SCS's Maryland headquarters, which allows the SCS to "demonstrate" STATEROOM capabilities, test secret surveillance equipment, and relay the captured communications back to CIA headquarters in Langley and NSA in Fort Meade.


Aerial shot of the Maryland site
An aerial shot of the 'mock' site. The car park has over 500 spaces.
The rooftop windowless structures are similar to those found on US embassies abroad.

Images from Cryptome.