Offshore Leaks

For the past 15 months, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has been undertaking in a massive global project to reveal the faces behind the secretive world of offshores and tax havens. It has involved over 50 journalists in dozens of countries analysing over a million files. Duncan was the Data Manager for the project, cleaning and reconstructing the data for use by journalists worldwide. He also contributed stories published for the ICIJ, Guardian, Sunday Times and Sydney Morning Herald.


Fraud trail leads to OAP’s tiny flat

A hard-drinking pensioner in Latvia has been revealed as the frontman for a network of scandal-hit companies

16 June 2013 | Click here to read more

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Duncan also contributed to 'Making a Killing' investigation. Click here to read more

Boozy Latvian ‘billionaire’ is smokescreen for fraud

AN ITINERANT, hard-drinking Latvian pensioner has emerged as one of the world’s richest men — on paper.

16 June 2013 | Click here to read more

Tax-haven leaks name 1,000 Britons

The 1,000 British names which appear in Offshore Leaks data and are currently being scrutinised by HMRC. 

12 May 2013 | Click here to read more


The uncharitable use of trust to deceive

A discredited doctor has concealed millions of dollars from tax authorities by invoking the names of reputable charities.

04 May 2013 | Click here to read more


'Sham trusts' used charities to reap millions

AIDS organisations unwittingly listed as beneficiaries, write Duncan Campbell, Craig Shaw and Linton Besser.

04 May 2013 | Click here to read more

Tax dodgers hide behind top charities

Some of Britain’s best known charities are being used by offshore trusts to shelter hundreds of millions of pounds from the tax authorities.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Red Cross and Greenpeace sucked into tax black hole

Well-known British Charities are unwittingly being used to hide the identities of tax avoiders in schemes involving millions of pounds.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Agent behind complex webs

Leaked offshore documents reveal that tax consultant Philip Burwell is one of the world’s most prolific corporate offshore agents. He has provided services to wealthy crooks, fraudsters and arms dealers.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Jailed property man hid his assets in offshore network during divorce

An investigation by ICIJ and the Guardian reveals web of offshore companies used by jailed businessman Scot Young to conceal his wealth from divorce proceedings.

By Duncan Campbell & Craig Shaw

04 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact

Dozens of journalists sifted through millions of leaked records and thousands of names to produce ICIJ’s investigation into offshore secrecy

04 April, 2013| Click here to read more

How ICIJ’s Project Team Analysed the Offshore Files

Duncan Campbell tell how 260gb of secret offshore data was was analysed by 50 journalists in a dozens of countries around the world making it the largest ever collaboration in journalism history.

04 April, 2013| Click here to read more



Tax Havens 101: the High Cost of Going Offshore

A video on offshores by ICIJ


Secret Files Expose Offshore's Global Impact

Huffington Post video 04 April 2013