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Former CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to snatch Snowden

As the whistleblowing NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden made his dramatic escape to Russia a year ago, a secret US government jet flew into Europe in a bid to spirit him back to America...

13 June, 2014

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Everything about the safety of the internet as a common communication medium has been shown to be broken...

5 June, 2014

GCHQ's Middle East cable tap centre revealed

Above-top-secret details of Britain’s covert surveillance programme - including the location of a clandestine British base tapping undersea cables in the Middle East - have so far remained secret...

3 June, 2014

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KEEP CALM and Carry On: PRISM itself is not a big deal...

But yes, Skype's no longer safe ... and keep an eye on GCHQ.

PRISM, the top secret NSA web communications collection program revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, would seem unlikely to be the total, tyrannical surveillance behemoth reporters first assumed.

Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter

The joint parliamentary committee scrutinising the government’s Communications Data Bill - universally dubbed the “Snoopers' Charter” - is set to slate the draft law in its official report published tomorrow.

10 December, 2012

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GCHQ's spy death riddle shines light on UK hacker war

The inquest into the strange death of SIS operative, Gareth Williams, poses more questions that it answers, but amidst the salacious talk of sex games and women's clothes, the young spy's infiltration of US hacker conferences stands out.

3 May, 2012

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Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware

Western and Chinese high- tech companies are competing aggressively to sell, install and manage intrusive and dangerous surveillance equipment for the world’s most brutal regimes

1 December, 2011

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The day we lost our privacy and power

Investigative reporter Duncan Campbell reflects how 9/11 has torpedoed resistance to intrusion and undermined the hard fought struggles for citizens' rights to privacy born of earlier struggles. It may irreversibly have changed the way we think.

10 September, 2011

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What treasures will the US really find on bin Laden's hard disk?

Rants? For sure. Porn? Maybe. Intelligence? Unlikely. What the US is likely to uncover from Bin Laden's hard disk.

6 May, 2011

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Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

Britain’s biggest ever computer crime investigation, Operation Ore, was flawed by a catalogue of “discrepancies, errors and uncertainties”, disclosed reports of two national police conferences.

4 April 2011

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