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The Military's Last Outposts

In 1980, Duncan revealed details of the UK's Regional Seats of Government, where the country would be run from in the event of nuclear war.

21 March, 1980

The Eavesdroppers

Duncan's seminal investigation into GCHQ. Until it's publication in 1976, no news source in Britain had mentioned its existence.

May, 1976

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Soldiers of Fortune SW5

Duncan's groundbreaking 1978 first ever expose of KMS, short for "Keeni Meeni Services", the private and secret SAS supported mercenary organisation, and used for SIS and covert operations in Africa, the Middle East and Central America.

Six weeks after publication, Duncan faced trial under Britain's Official Secrets Act in the ABC case.

The secret havoc KMS created for over a decade is now history, reported in "Disrupt and deny", by Dr Rory Cormac.

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