Sunday Times

The Sunday Times is Britain's best selling weekly broadsheet newspapers.  Launched nearly 200 years ago, it has a reputation for hard-hitting investigative journalism.  Much of Duncan's ICIJ 'Offshore Leaks' stories were published in the paper.

Small investors lose millions in ‘ethical’ forest

FAMILIES and pensioners who were encouraged to invest in “ethical” tree plantations in the Amazon rainforest have lost millions of pounds in a scheme being examined by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

6 July 2014 | Click here to read more

Front page 16 June 2013


Front page 28 April 2013

Fraud trail leads to OAP’s tiny flat

A hard-drinking pensioner in Latvia has been revealed as the frontman for a network of scandal-hit companies

16 June 2013 | Click here to read more

Boozy Latvian ‘billionaire’ is smokescreen for fraud

AN ITINERANT, hard-drinking Latvian pensioner has emerged as one of the world’s richest men — on paper.

16 June 2013 | Click here to read more

Tax-haven leaks name 1,000 Britons

The 1,000 British names which appear in Offshore Leaks data and are currently being scrutinised by HMRC. 

12 May 2013 | Click here to read more

Tax dodgers hide behind top charities

Some of Britain’s best known charities are being used by offshore trusts to shelter hundreds of millions of pounds from the tax authorities.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Red Cross and Greenpeace sucked into tax black hole

Well-known British Charities are unwittingly being used to hide the identities of tax avoiders in schemes involving millions of pounds.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more

Agent behind complex webs

Leaked offshore documents reveal that tax consultant Philip Burwell is one of the world’s most prolific corporate offshore agents. He has provided services to wealthy crooks, fraudsters and arms dealers.

28 April 2013 | Click here to read more