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Three's Company: Duncan Campbell and Chapman Pincher

Discussion on the business of security and intelligence journalism with Duncan Campbell and Chapman Pincher.

The A to Z of TV: R for Restricted

The New Years Eve nostalgia night from Channel Four in 1990. This was a humorous celebration of British TV milestones, with one or two gaffes along the way. As well as showing rare clips from the archives, we are also reminded of gems missing from the film vaults, from both BBC and ITV. The BBC are currently conducting a treasure hunt for lost material, so please contact them if you can help. Thanks.


R for Restricted The fuss about the uncovering of the Zircon sattellite (I lied I did it in my youth - ha! ha!) Actually, it was journalist Duncan Campbell, shown here. Also, some more banned documentaries.


Duncan takes part in CNN's 'Q&A with Riz Khan.'

Inteview re surveillance. get summary

Interview: Sky News feature on Operation Ore