Duncan started production company IPTV with BBC producer Brian Barr, in 1991, and began producing programmes for Channel 4. Below you will find a library of IPTV productions for the likes of Dispatches and Undercover Britain. Many of the topics were also covered concurrrently in the New Statesman.


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Hell on Wheels

Preying on Hope





Undercover Britain | 1995

'Hell on Wheels' looks at the appalling conditions suffered by families living in mobile homes.

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Undercover Britain | 1994

'Preying on Hope' is an IPTV investigation into bogus Aids medicine.

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The Hill

Vanishing Vaccine

Dispatches | 1993

A investigation into Menwith Hill, where much of Britrain's surveillance operations occurs.

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Scottish Eye | 1992

Professor William Jarrett claimed to be on the verge of a vaccine for AIDS.  But the vaccine never materialsed.

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Secret Cabinet Committees remake



Channel 4 | 1991

In 1991, the BBC still would not release the original Secret Society film. Instead it was remade for Channel 4 using the original transcripts.

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