Operation Ore

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In 2002, the UK police were given a list containing the names of over seven-thousand British citizens suspected of accessing child pornography. The evidence was provided by the FBI and was seized during the trial of two Texas-based pornographers operating a website, Landslide Inc. Thousands of men in Britain were arrested and charged, including high-profile musicians, Pete Townshend and Robert Del Naja. The evidence, however, was seriously flawed. Duncan was employed to analyse the computers of suspected offenders and found that most were guilty of little more than accessing legal pornography, or were victims of credit card fraud.


Operation Ore exposed

Operation Ore is the UK's biggest ever IT crime investigation, but expert witness, Duncan Campbell, reveals that many prosecutions were founded on falsehoods. August 2005

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Sex, lies and the missing videotape

Two years ago, we revealed how thousands of British citizens were falsely branded "paedophiles". Now Duncan Campbell finds they were victims of crime themselves.

April 2007

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Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

Britain’s biggest ever computer crime investigation, Operation Ore, was flawed by a catalogue of “discrepancies, errors and uncertainties”

4 April, 2011

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News reports about Operation Ore:

Among the most high-profile of accused was The Who, guitarist Pete Townshend.


Who I am: the autobiography

In 2012, The Who guitarist, Pete Townshend, published his autobiography. In the latter half, he deals with the subject of his arrest and subsequent caution for 'accessing child pornography.' In the book, he refers directly to Duncan's work as one of the forensics specialists on the case.

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We’re terrified of fanatics, the internet, speed cameras. You just want to scream

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Sky News: Operation Ore. Interview with Duncan

Duncan gives an interview for Sky News discussing the implications of the flaws in Operation Ore.

Operation Ore - "Police Protecting Children" [2004]

A 2004 documentary looking at the issue of child pornography and Operation Ore. Contains material that some may find disturbing.