Lesbian & gay rights

After coming out in 1987, Duncan increased his interest in gay and lesbian causes. He investigated bogus Aids and HIV medicines, quack doctors and issues of human rights.

Anti-anti-gay backlash

To come

27 May, 1988

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The amazing AIDS scam

As if having Aids weren't enough, the big drugs companIes are moving in for a killing; scrambling to exploit the biggest pharmaceutical market in history: suspect drugs trials, Quack remedies, overpriced drugs, toxic "cures"...

24 June, 1988

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An end to the silence

This week sees the British publication of the first magnum opus on the history of Aids. Duncan Campbell describes the manifest harm, as well as the good, that the book will do to the effort of fighting Aids in Britain.

4 March, 1988

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Clause 28

Finland has had laws against "encouraging homosexuality" for 17 years. But the censorship of arts and politics that is now in Finland's past, may be Britain's future.

25 March, 1988

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1,227 - and counting

The knife-edge politics of Aids in Britain and the continuing threat of political exploitation of the disease threatens to put lives at risk around the world for decades to come.

22 January, 1988

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While Rome burns

Duncan Campbell reviews The search for the virus by Steve Conner and Sharon King and MAN CRISIS: Heterosexual Behaviour in the Age of Aids by William Masters, Virginia Johnson and Robert Kolooney

25 March, 1988

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Is he one?

Duncan Campbell examines the blunders and the malice that unleashed a gay witch-hunt in Scotland

26 January, 1990

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Downgrading the dangers

Government agencies relaunch their efforts to curb public complacency about the spread of HIV and Aids with national TV campaign.

30 Novemeber, 1991

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A case of shark practice

Duncan Campbell looks at the man who claims that shark cartilage can heal both cancer and Aids, and finds that whoever benefits from the cure, it isn't the patients.

4 February , 1994

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AIDS: the race against time?

"Early intervention" in Britain could save up to 50,000 lives and £20 billion. The trouble is that the government has put scarcely a penny into the necessary research.

6 January, 1989

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The drugs log-jam

Duncan Campbell explains how new experimental drugs can slow down the onslaught of Aids.

27 January, 1989

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Sharp practice

Duncan Campbell and BBC Watchdog reveals how dying patients in one of London's largest private hospitals were experimented on by an unscrupulous clinic profitting from the diseased.

7 April, 1989

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Let them eat shit

When orthodox medicine fails, the alternative drug sales force can move in and make a killing. Duncan Campbell and Nigel Townson expose a fraudster who's profiteering by selling extracts of excrement to sick and dying people.

16 June, 1989

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Outside the law 

If an American serviceman on duty at any US base in Britain shot a British demonstrator or passer-by, whether accidentally or deliberately, he would not under any circumstances be charged before a British court.

18 November, 1983

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