Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier now available again

Cover of 2015 reprint version of The Unsinkable Aircraft CarrierDuncan Campbell's book The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier is now available in print again.

A copy of the Second Edition, originally published by Paladin in 1986, has been scanned and turned in to a print-on-demand A5 paperback.

This new release is not a "new edition" - aside from recreating the covers, putting an appropriate "this is a reprint" note on the title page, and making a necessary update to the Copyright page, the content is unchanged from the Paladin 1986 version.

The previous version of the book included a set of photo-pages in the middle. Those same pages of material are present in this re-release. However they will be printed as half-toned black and white images only, rather than being printed in full shades-of-grey. If this produces intolerably poor results, we will try to add electronic copies of those photographs on this page for you to download.

(At the time of writing in December 2015 we have not yet received our ordered "proof" copies from Lulu, as this page is being added to the website at the same time as the book becomes ready to order. Please check back in a month to see if we add those photos here.)

Click here to see the Re-Issue of The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier by Duncan Campbell on Lulu, and order your own copy.

(The updated Back Cover can be seen here)

Another book by Duncan, War Plan UK, has also been made available.

For more information about both books, including answers to some probable questions, please see the Book Reprints page.

Anne Lee from Otley, Yorkshire (image right, by Roy St Pierre), is a CND campaigner and founder of the Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp.  When we offered full reprints of War Plan UK in 2015, she told us they needed an extra introduction.

"Younger people won't be aware of how seminal these discourses were" during the Cold War, she said. This is Anne's assessment:

In 1984 when it was first published, The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier exposed that the extent of the USA's military occupation of Britain was much more extensive than anybody had realised previously. Duncan explodes the myth that the reason for the US military bases in Britain is for our defence. US bases were never intended to be, and are not intended now, for the protection of the British Isles - in fact their presence made, and continues to make, us a target by the USA's enemies. He reveals that the USA's exploitation of Britain was in pursuit of its aggressive policy towards the Soviet Union (now the Middle East) because of its geographical convenience.

In collaboration with Duncan the late Bob Cryer MP asked parliamentary questions in an attempt to ascertain the number of US bases. He was misinformed. However Duncan knew that the answer was a lie, so Bob continued to repeat his questions until the MoD was forced to admit something approximating to the truth. Duncan reveals that the official UK government statements about control and accountability are devious rubbish. Would the USA ever allow Britain to dictate what it can and cannot do? He scrutinises the Visiting Forces Act 1952, the legal authorisation for the bases, and questions its validity. In consequence people demanded to know if it meant that US bombers equipped with nuclear weapons could take off from East Anglia and wipe out Moscow, without Britain having any power to stop it (and thus start World War Ill)? The conclusion people reached was evidently 'Yes'. In effect this means that Britain has handed over sovereignty of its land and has departed from one of the fundamental principles of international law, the exercise by a state of absolute jurisdiction within its borders.

Take for example Menwith Hill (depicted on the front cover). Peace movement campaigners will tell you that it is a US National Security Agency {NSA) spy base, engaged in the interception of communications, but if you ask them how they know, they reply that 'it is common knowledge'. This 'common knowledge' is not attained because we have an open government, voluntarily publishing information about the top secret activities of the NSA and its partner, the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) - it is derived from Duncan's investigations.

Another example is the Fylingdales' Early warning Radar {EWR). Duncan revealed that its true function is integral to the USA's Ballistic Missile Early Warning System: part of the 'shield', designed to give the USA immunity, should it launch an attack on another nation. Despite Duncan's exposure, official propaganda continued to maintain that the EWR was to give the people of Britain 'four minutes warning' of incoming hostile missile attacks.

The UK government still issues propaganda lies about the US bases [see Royal Air Force website]. The anomaly is that Duncan appears to be better informed about them than Her Majesty's Government.