Reprints / Reissues of Duncan's books

As of December 2015, two of Duncan's previously-published books are now available to buy again - War Plan UK and The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier.

At the time of writing, they are only available directly through Lulu.

Before you rush to order, please note...

These new releases are not "new editions" - aside from recreating the covers, putting an appropriate "this is a reprint" note on the title pages, and making necessary updates to the Copyright pages, the content is unchanged from the previous versions of these books. (Paladin 1983 for War Plan UK, Paladin 1986 for The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier)

The previous versions of these books included a set of photo-pages in the middle. Those same pages of material are present in these re-releases. However they will be printed as half-toned black and white images only, rather than being printed in full shades-of-grey. If this produces intolerably poor results, we will try to add electronic copies of those photographs on the pages linked below.

War Plan UK

Front cover of War Plan UK re-releaseBuy the re-issue of War Plan UK on Lulu now

(More information about the reprint of War Plan UK)

The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

Front cover of The Unsinkable Aircraft CarrierBuy the re-issue of The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier on Lulu now

(More information about the reprint of The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many copies are available in the new print run?

A: The re-release versions are done "Print-On-Demand" - Lulu will arrange for a single copy to be printed, bound and dispatched each time one of the books is purchased. We have not had to make an upfront investment, and there is no limit to the available stock. If you really want to buy hundreds of copies, go right ahead!


Q: Will these books ever be available to buy on Amazon, or from a traditional book shop?

A: We're hoping to do that, but can't guarantee it at the moment. The requirements for publishing books for distribution through Amazon and Traditional Retail are stricter than those for just self-publishing on Lulu and it will take some time before we know if the books have been accepted for that or not.


Q: How about Kindle or other e-readers?

A: It would take a significant amount of work to produce an acceptable e-reader manuscript of these books, to ensure the formatting, footnotes, diagrams, maps and photographs are all properly converted. We currently have no plans to do this, sorry.


Q: You haven't answered my book-reprint related question...

A: Please ask your question by email to as he's the person looking after this book-reprint project.